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With 22 years of experience in wind turbines , our company offers services for wind turbine blades , towers and tower internal equipments . Our company practices ‘Collective Protection Measures’ for working at height with 3 Blade Platforms (TSP-Temporary Suspended Platform) , 1 Tower Platform, 2 multi purpose platforms and 1 Aerial Platform (60 mt.) . Platform renting and lift maintenance services are also available .

Our GWO (Global Wind Organisation) certified training department gives Basic Safety Traning (BST) and Basic Safety Training Refresh (BSTR) to customer technicians and professionals .


To give customer based maintenance and repair services to the major turbine manufacturers and wind farms without conceding from quality and to have the most demand percentage in the market with the minimum downtime .


To follow and practice the up-to-date technologies , to maintain the highest level standards in HSE and service quality , to train technical personnel with ultimate awareness of environment and quality in GWO standarts .


- Customer based
- Continuity in service quality
- Team and co-operation
- Righteousness and professionalism
- Awareness for environment and natüre
- Trustworthiness and taking responsibility
- Work Safety
- Inventiveness
- Regular Training
- Courage and Passion


To identify the customer needs in the best possible way , make sure of fulfilling these needs in the shortest way without conceding from quality , to improve the effectiveness of our HSE management systems .


To work in full awareness of environment both in customer field and workshop , enable using chemical contaminant at a minimum level , seperation and recycling of noxious chemicals correctly , collecting and cleaning of the solid waste on site after the completion of work , acting according to both national and international environmental laws and regulations in all our services .


Giving significant importance to work safety in all our operations to fulfill the customer needs , building a system that does not risk the safety of the staff and the turbines fort he sake of this cause , ensuring the continuity of this system , acting according to the current HSE regulations and administrative arrangements .


Provide training of working at heights , first aid , fire awareness and manual handling modules based on GWO standarts within basic safety rules . Training authorized and insightful personnel that can take initiative to end work at unsafe working conditions . With the refresh trainings , making contribution to the development of the personnel by reviewing the knowledge and skills , that they had gained during their last Basic Safety Training , both theoretically and practically .


Yelki Mahallesi 2732. Sokak No:100
Guzelbahce / IZMIR / TURKEY
Phone: 0232 864 14 64
Fax: 0232 864 14 63

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